TIP F 1320A /1320B Replacement of the Obsolete Size Gearbox Combination

TIP F 1320AB Replacement of the Obsolete Size Gearbox Combination

Machine Model for Improvement

All Jagenberg sheeters with obsolete P.I.V. gearbox (draglink system)

Description of Improvement

This TIP module is part of our Technical Improvement Program and replaces the existing obsolete PIV size gearbox combination.

The mechanical connection of the draglink to the main draw roll will physically disconnected. The existing drive shaft and the gearbox (manufactured by P.I.V.) will be removed.

A new AC knife motor (green motor in schematic overview above) will be installed and connected to the cross cutter drive shaft (draglink), driving the cross cutter.

The AC knife motor will run in a ratio, dependent on the cut-off length, with the existing draw roll motor.

The inverters for the existing main motor and the new knife motor work as a stand-alone system in a new additional switch cabinet. This switch cabinet will also hold a new operator touchscreen panel, allowing to display messages and notifications and the operator to input the desired cut-off length parameters.

TIP F 1320 A: The new knife motor is larger than required in order to prepare the sheeter for a later main motor replacement, ensuring knife motor and main motor are identical.

TIP F 1320 B: The new knife motor is as large as required (benefit: lower investment).


  • The existing P.I.V. gearbox is obsolete and no longer available
  • Faster sheet length adjustment
  • This TIP reduces the number of mechanical parts, new drive system is maintenance-free

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Service Technician
A sheeter that we had planned especially for our lightweight specialty papers has become an all-round smart sheeter that can process even heavy grammages up to 300 gsm with maximum cutting accuracy.
Dr. Matthias Rauhut, CEO, DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE, Lachendorf, Germany