HD Variable Speed Anvil

HD Anvil

Upgrade Application

Available for Ward machines

Upgrade Description

VSA synchronizes velocity of the anvil surface, and the velocity of the die surface by adjusting the speed of the anvil drum automatically to compensate for anvil wear.

Upgrade Benefits

  • Increases anvil life due to a more even anvil wear pattern by the Infinite Hunting Ratio 鈥 the overall gear ratio between the die drum and the anvil drum is a non-repeating number and therefore produces a natural hunting ratio
  • Eliminates excessive backlash, regardless of the position of the anvil drum 鈥 by the use of a Constant Mesh Gear on the lower drum it maintains proper gear mesh between the upper and lower gears and allows for 5/8鈥 (15.9mm) anvil nip opening without losing gear mesh.
  • Increased Cover Thickness 鈥 a larger eccentric is used to obtain the constant mesh, this allows the anvil covers to be increased to .420鈥 (10.7mm) from .300鈥 (7.6mm).
  • Fail Safe 鈥 speed adjustment is provided by an auxiliary motor while the primary speed of the anvil is delivered through the main gear train. This assures that production will not be interrupted if there is a loss of the trim motor or its controls.
  • Synchronized Rotation of Die and Anvil Drums 鈥 when the machine is stopped and the electric register motor is used to turn the die drum, the anvil drum will turn in mesh with the upper drum. This eliminates the need to lower the anvil drum to prevent die rule or die rubber damage.

Pricing, Installation, and Delivery

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