TIP 130-0408 Ream Pusher (Rake) AC drive

TIP_130-0408_Ream Pusher (Rake) AC drive

Machine Model for Improvement

Pemco packaging machine Model 135, 135HS

Description of Improvement

This upgrade is part of the Technical Improvement Program (TIP); it replaces the BAM motion controller and associated touch screen with a Giddings & Lewis (G&L) MMC Plus motion controller and a Schneider Electric (Magelis) 12 in color touch screen. During this upgrade, the original I/O racks or modules are removed and replaced by G&L I/O modules.

A new 12 in color touch screen is then mounted on a swing arm that communicates back to the MMC Plus. If the machine is already equipped with Pemco鈥檚 Nordson glue option, then the MMC Plus also controls the glue operation through the use of the color touch screen.

This upgrade is compatible both with AMK or encoder sheeter interface options.

Easy to use G&L programming software (not included) gives users the option of monitoring and troubleshooting problems that would be almost impossible to perform with BAM. The new and improved 12 in color touch screen eliminates the need for additional push buttons on the swing arm; instead all of the same functionalities are integrated into the touch screen itself. The MMC Plus controller is also a new standard in motion controller world that reduces the scan time significantly in order to allow future scan-time-intensive applications to be incorporated without sacrificing the actual scan time.


  • Allows easy speed adjustment of the drive
  • Better control of the ream pusher (rake) movement
  • Reliable electrical motor design and reduced maintenance

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Service Technician
A sheeter that we had planned especially for our lightweight specialty papers has become an all-round smart sheeter that can process even heavy grammages up to 300 gsm with maximum cutting accuracy.
Dr. Matthias Rauhut, CEO, DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE, Lachendorf, Germany