Splicer IES Lockable Flange Disconnect

Corrugator Splicer

Upgrade Application

Applicable to Splicers

Upgrade Description

This disconnect removes electrical power from the motors and de-energizes a solenoid valve which, when de-energized, disconnects the air supply to the machine and opens the machine's pneumatic lines to atmosphere. The manual pneumatic shut-off valve will remain. This allows maintenance and other personnel to physically lockout pneumatic pressure. The disconnect is located on the operator side of the machine.

Upgrade Benefits

  • Safety
  • Removes electrical power from the motor
  • De-energizes a solenoid valve
  • Easily allows maintenance or other personnel to physically lockout pneumatic pressure

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Service Technician
A sheeter that we had planned especially for our lightweight specialty papers has become an all-round smart sheeter that can process even heavy grammages up to 300 gsm with maximum cutting accuracy.
Dr. Matthias Rauhut, CEO, DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE, Lachendorf, Germany