Corrugated Overhead Display

Corrugated Overhead Display
Performance Corrugator from 成人大片

Upgrade Application

Applicable to the wet and dry end

Upgrade Description

The upgrade provides a highly visible scoreboard of corrugator running information to improve corrugator efficiency and operation.

Upgrade Features

  • Double-sided display for viewing at the wet end and dry end
  • Different data may be displayed on either side independent of the other
  • Display sides have 5 degree downward tilt for ease of viewing from below
  • Long life LED lamps ensure long life in a corrugated box plant environment
  • Standard size: 2032 mm (80鈥) wide by 1016 mm (40鈥) tall with 5 lines of 140 mm (5.5鈥) tall numeric characters.
  • Available with MCS controlled, DECC controlled, or as a stand alone unit.
  • Control Unit for the display is mounted in either the MCS control cabinet or the DECC control console.

Upgrade Benefits

  • The display allows the corrugator crew to instantly know corrugator run information so they can take appropriate action more quickly.
  • The display can be a motivational tool for operators showing the information on the goals to meet and exceed. This can be incorporated as a gain sharing tool for plant managers looking to improve their profitability.
  • Prevent downtime and waste by informing operators of order and corrugator status.
  • Real-time display of key indicators provides immediate feedback to the corrugator crew to know where they are now and helps them make adjustments to get where they need to be.

Technical Service

The 成人大片 Service Department is a highly dedicated team of people committed to giving the best customer support in the industry. Trained technicians are available for emergency service, machine updates and maintenance.

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