Zerand Festoon Chain Lift System

Product Description

BWP Zerand Festoon System consist of 3 sub-systems: Accelerator/Nip Roll Assembly, Tension Dancer and the Festoon proper. The Accelerator Assembly used first to iron the splice tape securely to the web, secondarily the Servo driven drive and nip roll accelerate or decelerate the web depending on the press needs.  The Tension Dancer (mounted on the Festoon) works in conjunction with the Festoon, Accelerator Assembly and the Unwind for press tension control. During a Butt Splice this system works together to allow the press to run without interruption during splice, then accelerate the web back to line speed without tension spikes.

Festoon is Servo Driven (requires no air to operate) “Four Corner” chain lift system.

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Product Features

Minimize web tension

Servo motorized Festoon Carriage auction movement minimizes web tension spikes during splices

Festoon web storag

Festoon web storage capable of 1200 FPM

Low friction dancer

Low friction dancer feed back for smooth operation control

Reduced footprint

Festoon mounted Tension Dancer allows a reduced overall footprint
  • Technical Data
  • Product Details
  • Options
  • Maximum Speed 1500 FPM(450 M/MIN)

  • Motorized carrier movement, to minimize web tension spikes during splices.
  • Low friction dancer feedback for smooth operation control
  • Side mounted dancer to minimize floor foot print

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