Advantage Singlefacer

Product Description

Designed to meet the needs of the global market


  • Compact footprint
  • Metric sizes
  • Enhanced automation
  • Designed to run different kinds of paper
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Product Features

Engineered to provide reliable operation and maximum uptime. The Advantage singlefacer accepts the widest variety of mediums and liners to produce superior board quality. Available in 2500mm/98鈥 or 2850mm/112鈥 widths and operational up to 400 mpm/1300fpm.

  • Large corrugating, preheating and pressure rolls
  • Fast flute change
  • Positive pressure design
  • Modern PC and Servo controls
  • Modular design for easy machine access

Large corrugating, preheating and pressure rolls

Larger corrugating rolls and preheating rolls improve flute formation and bonding. The large diameter pressure roll has noticeably lower maintenance costs than a pressure belt machine.

Fast flute change

Simple side loading of flute modules and maximum operator access. Flute changes are safe, timely and easy.

Positive pressure design

MarquipWardUnited pioneered positive pressure fingerless technology. The pressure chamber provides a uniform force holding the medium intimately against the lower corrugating roll for maximum heat transfer, superior flute quality and precise starch application to the flute tips. Positive Pressure is a self-purging system naturally expelling debris and dried starch. Maintenance and downtime issues associated with vacuum systems that are sensitive to dirt and debris are eliminated.

Modern PC and Servo controls

Beckhoff PC controls with interactive touch screens. State of the Art servo controls to provide superior gap controls (0.012mm accuracy). Glue gap control based on corrugator speed.
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Advantage Singlefacer

Speed1310 fpm400 mpm
Minimum Width98 in.2500 mm
Maximum Width112 in.2850 mm

Advantage Singlefacer

Superior Flute Formation    

  • Low crown corrugated rolls create excellent cross machine fluting
  • Large diameter pressure roll for smooth stable operation at all speeds

Designed for all Paper Grades

  • Servo driven gap controls for repeatable precision operation
  • On-board liner & medium pre-heating with adjustable wrap arms
  • Automatic starch metering control
  • Automatic glue gap control
  • Automatic corrugated roll module calibration at flute change
  • Automatic temperature monitoring & control (optional)
  • State of the Art PC control with user friendly icon driven HMI
  • Optional external infusion style medium pre-conditioner for higher paper grades at maximum speed        

Infusion (on-board) Pre-Conditioning

  • Superior flute formation
  • Precision control of paper tension
  • Effective for all flute profiles & paper grades
  • Maximum strength with minimal fiber

Flute Change Flexibility

  • User friendly 8 minute roll module change
  • Side loading modules for maximum flexibility
  • Pre-heated modules for immediate production

Maximum Productivity

  • Rollout glue system for total machine access to facilitate housekeeping & maintenance
  • PC based diagnostics & VPN access to maintain maximum uptime
  • Durable construction for long term production and reliability
  • Built for low cost of ownership and maximum return on investment

  • Complete Bridge Elevator
  • Extra Cassettes and Carts

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