Two Stage Delivery Table

Product Description

The Delivery Table distributes the individual carton blanks on two delivery conveyors in a series of parallel shingle‑like rows (or streams) for delivery to a Stacker Unit. The Delivery Table is usually preceded by the Belt Askew and possibly followed by the Stacker. The Delivery Table is primarily comprised of two “height adjustable”, variable-speed conveyor tables. The Delivery Table receives separated cartons from the Belt Askew, which aims the cartons down at the rider wheels on the Delivery Table. The conveyors then transport the parallel, shingled streams of cartons to a Stacker unit or can be manually removed and stacked if a Stacker is not present.
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Product Features

Adjustable Height

Two independently adjustable height tables ( aid for carton lay down )

Variable speed conveyors

Aid for shingling cartons

Rider Wheel Assemblies

Adjustable parallel and perpendicular to web


Optional Servo Driven Rider Wheel Assemblies
  • Technical Data
  • Product Details
  • Options

  • From regularly spaced shingle streams of blanks by means of rider wheels and variable speed belts
  • Two separte belts with separately adjustable speed and height
  • Interfacing with optional stacker

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