Signature Splicer

Product Description

Our machines run at the highest splicing speed available, in a highly compact frame design for superior splicing reliability. This splicer can make line splices at full corrugator speeds and has superior splicing efficiency, making it an excellent addition to your corrugator machine.
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Product Features

High speed splicing capability and reliability, improved tension control, easy splice preparation, zero-tail splice and smallest space requirements are only some of the Signature Splicer features

High-speed splicing capability

Modern controls combined with a robust mechanical splice head design for splices to occur up to 450mpm/1500fpm. Several Splicer models to choose from depending on the corrugator speed profile. Heavy or lightweight papers, narrow or wide web all splice reliably at the rated speed. Options such as Corefinder鈩 splice on diameter and interface to wet end controllers, further increase the reliability of splicer performance.

Improved Automatic Tension Control

Maintaining web tension is vital for good heat transfer and bonding strength. Signature splicers have an automatic tension control feature to ensure the web is evenly heated and not overstressed. This system prevents flute fracturing and reduces production loss from missed splices or web tear-outs.  The responsive servo tension control maintains the desired web tension to close tolerances during all phases of operation and splicing. Paper reel size is monitored and used in the web tension calculations.

Efficient and Reliable Splice Preparation

Splice preparation ergonomics are superb. An optional auto indexing system further simplifies the task. Combine this with a 成人大片 service staff training session brings big results. The current world record is held by a BWP-trained operator at 10,139 successful, consecutive splices.  We offer the Century Club program that will reward your operators for 100, 500, and 1000 successful consecutive splices.

Zero-tail splice

This specially designed splice head creates an overlap of the splice to avoid tails that can cause dry end jams. Steel nip rolls ensure a very strong splice seal that will not open and travels through the wet end reliably.
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Model NameSpeed/Frame Details
Model I


145鈥 Frame / Dual Dancer / Double Capstan
Model ILT 1150fpm/350mpm175鈥 Frame / Triple Dancer / Double Capstan
Model IMT 1250fpm/380mpm190鈥 Frame / Triple Dancer / Double Capstan
Model INTX1500fpm/450mpm210鈥 Frame / Triple Dancer / Double Capstan

  • High speed splicing capability - Double and triple dancer options
  • Improved tension control - New servo capstan motor
  • Easy splice preparation
  • Superior splicing reliability
  • Smallest space requirements - Same small frame, better value
  • Maintainability - PC Control System

  • Laser roll aligner
  • Tension leveler roll system
  • Roll-out stand hardware kit
  • Liner/Medium combination kit
  • Fixed outboard idler roll
  • Interface to wet end supervisory control system

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