P 35-49 Fully Automatic Binding Machine

Product Description

The fully automatic P 35-49 Binding Machine is a highly sophisticated solution for the fabrication of steel spiral and double​-wire stationery products. It is optimally used for large runs, from paper reel to the finished product. Basic machine consists of one reel stand, 2/2 flexo ruling, cross cutting, counting, flexible cover feeding, punching and separating, collating, 90° transfer, spiral and/or double​-wire binding and delivery in shingles.


Product Features

Fully Automatic Binding Machine for Steel Spiral and Double-Wire Products

Large Runs

Optimal for large runs.


High productivity, quality and flexibility.


Additional upgrades possible.

Time Saving

Short change over times.
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Web speedmax.1640 fpm500 mpm
Paper reel width 5-upmax.
44.5 in.
24 in.
1130 mm
600 mm
Paper reel diametermax.60 in.1525 mm
Paper weightmax.
54 lbs
34 lbs
80 g/m2
50 g/m2
Printing circumferencemax.
28 1/2 in.
10 3/4 in.
720 mm
270 mm
Adjustment of printing length 1/4 in. (1/8 in.)5 (2,5 mm)
Cutting frequencymax.5x1600 = 8000/min
Number of partial layersmin.2
Punching cycles papermax.5x80 = 400/min
Punching cycles feeder sectionmax.120/min (160/min)
Binding cycles 1-upmax.60/min
Binding cycles 2-upmax.2x60 = 120/min
Bound edge 1-up
Machine without separation cut unit
13 in.
8 1/4 in.
330 mm
210 mm
Bound edge 1-up
Machine with separation cut unit
13 in.
6 5/16 in.
330 mm
160 mm
Bound edge 2-up
Machine with separation cut unit
6 5/16 in.
4 1/8 in.
160 mm
105 mm
Unbound edgemax.
13 in.
5 3/4 in.
330 mm
148 mm
Binding cycles (extra width binding drum)max.
2x45 = 90/min (A4 and similar)
3x40 = 120/min (A5 and similar)
Binding cycles (double head binding drum)max.
2x60 = 120/min (A4 and similar)
2x60 = 120/min (A5 and similar)
Product thickness steel spiralmax.
1 3/16 in.
5/64 in.
30 mm
2 mm
Diameter steel spiralmax.
1 3/4 in.
5/16 in.
44 mm
8 mm
Product thickness double wiremax.
3/4 in.
5/64 in.
20 mm
2 mm
Diameter double wiremax.
1 in.
1/4 in.
25,4 mm
6,35 mm

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  • Two web operation
  • Nonstop reel change including splice detection and discharge
  • Automatic web guiding
  • Quick change for flexo sleeves
  • 4/4 flexo ruling
  • Micro perforation
  • Separation cut for small sizes
  • Extra width binding drum
  • Double head binding drum
  • Double wire from spool or inline double​-wire forming Machine P 44-96 or ProLoop
  • Back cover turning
  • Alternate delivery and collecting
  • Extension of a packaging machine
  • Quick change for punching and separating
  • Loose leave delivery
  • Automatic feeder section for flexible and nonflexible covers, inlays, pockets and dividers including punching
  • Sequence collecting
  • Corner rounding
  • Half sheet feeder

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