Belt Askew

Product Description

The Zerand Belt Askew provides controlled and predictable separation of folding cartons.

Multiple streams of cartons can be delivered at top production speeds. Motorized adjustments on the fly facilitate continuous operation. Fast changeover reduces labor costs.

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Product Features

Auto Set Up

Allows all settings to be stored for fast set up

Adjustable Tilt

Independent Drivers

Independent drivers for all belts for fast set up from memory

Jam Removal

Fast jam removal using lifting belt section
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Available features include:

  • Adjustable Tilt
  • Upper and Lower Belts Driven
  • Back Wrapped belts for easy replacement
  • Auto Setup (one belt at a time)
  • Speedy Auto Setup (all belts at the same time)
  • Upper belts lift in case of jam or fast stop
  • Diverter Section for discarding defective blanks
  • Extended incoming nip for rotary cutting applications
  • Upper viewing platform

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