Mr. Osman Yigit

Value Knife and Stacker for Marmara Kagit in Turkey

Feb 6, 2023

 was reprinted from the International Paperboard Magazine

成人大片 has confirmed that it recently installed a Value knife and Value stacker on an existing 1.8m corrugator at Marmara Kagit in Turkey. The sale was handled by local agent, Omnitrade Ltd, based in Istanbul.

Marmara Paper and Packaging Industry and Trade Inc was established in 1986 under the umbrella of Ozkoseoglu Group to produce fluting and testliner and corrugated boxes. In the integrated facility in the Vezirhan district of Bilecik, the plant has an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons of fluting and testliner, along with a production capacity of 25,000 tons of corrugated board.

Marmara Kagit began looking at ways of enhancing output on the 1.8m machine back in 2021, and as a result, the company looked to move from a single knife system to a double knife configuration. Utilising a wide range of paper reels 鈥 from 1.02m right through to 1.83m 鈥 the average combined paper width was only 1.38m, which caused loss of production capacity from the machine. But by converting the machine to run a double knife, the company would be in a position to run an average paper size of1.73m, meaning the corrugator would become significantly more efficient.

鈥淏y adding the new Value knife and Value stacker, we have been able to increase our production efficiency by around 25%,鈥 explains Osman Yigit, Factory Manager at Marmara Kagit (pictured above). 鈥淚n addition, we foresee an increase in productivity of approximately 20-25% from size changes and waste reduction.鈥

Yigit concludes, 鈥淥ur expectation is that there will be a production increase of approximately 40-50% in due course and by 2024, we plan to work in two reel sizes of 1.73m and 1.83m as a target; this will give us as an extra production efficiency. We would like to thank BWP for all their support during and after the installation, which ran smoothly and to the timeline and budget.鈥


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