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Apr 13, 2015
by Marcia Petrochko, Customer Service Representative

28 Years at MWU

If you are like me, TIME is a precious resource! That being said, we wanted to give you a perspective from a Customer Service Representative (CSR) side, to save you time when you are searching for a part(s). After dialing (or e-mailing) the part's line, you will cheerfully be greeted by one of our CSR's. Collectively, we have centuries of industry experience and are eager to assist you with your finishing parts needs.  

The single most critical piece of information which must first be relayed is the machine serial number. The serial number identifies the machine size, vintage, specific details of the original machine, and all subsequent upgrades. The serial number helps ensure the items sent to you are correct for your machine and eliminates disappointment on both sides. Our protocol is to use the machine serial number to verify your request to the bill of material. At the same time we research any upgrades that were performed by MWU (we normally do not have data on upgrades by other companies so please share this critical information!!).

Secondly, it would be helpful to have a matching parts catalog available for the machine requiring parts. This is a great starting point for inquiries as it gives us common ground to work with. Page numbers from both the right and left lower corners should be conveyed along with the appropriate code numbers. The CSRs are then able to cross those numbers over to the proper MWU part number to search for present values and lead times.

We do understand you may not always have the resources you need. All of us are able to verbally work through an inquiry. We often use e-mail to forward relevant assembly drawings or receive photographs you may be able to forward. Pictures are always worth a thousand words! Our legacy machine records go back to the 1930's and may be stored on micro-fiche, hardcopy files, or computerized bills of material depending on the manufacture date. There are times we have to rely on several sources to complete the required research. Our goal is accuracy. We understand the costs associated with an idle machine but getting it right trumps getting it fast.

Lastly, understanding the situation at your plant provides options on how we should respond. If your machine is down, please let us know. Your request will be given the highest sense of urgency. Your plant name and location is displayed in RED on our BREAKDOWN CLOCK (13 plasma screens displayed throughout the facility shows the hours you are offline). There are various levels of service based upon your situation: standard, expedited or breakdown.

We really do appreciate the opportunity to serve you! We also understand what it means to be available 24/7...365 days.

Spare Parts

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With the acquisition of the ServoPro we have notably reduced the set up time and also increased the productivity of the machine both in quality and quantity.
Luca Lazzaroni, CEO of Icierre Pack, Italy